About Linden Thorp

I’m a writer, creator but above all

an Earthling

living in full contentment in the

paradise of our planet.

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Charley Linden Thorp, but I’m known variously as ‘Lands’ Linden,’ ‘Nirvana Linden,’ ‘ValidLit Linden,’ etc. I have healing in the background of many other previous lives. Still, in this present long and productive life, I am a Bodyworker (F.M.Alexander, Moshe Feldenkrais), a Lightworker (helping people to get in touch with their true nature and Earth mission) and a writer. I do believe the pen is mightier than the sword and strive every day to move people from the dark into the light using the crude tools of words. I enjoy the challenge of that very much as you will see when you explore this site. 

I started life as a musician training in performance skills (piano, cello and voice). Still, once I decided that regurgitating other people’s music in the classical discipline was, at times, glorious, but rather pointless, I decided to put my talents to better use. I worked as a Creative/Music therapist in Europe for many years. I specialised in visually impaired Autism, and you may not know what that is exactly, but don’t worry because neither do the experts. I learned so much from so-called disabled children and adults who’s brains are wired up in a different way to the norm. This often leads them to behave in a very different manner to those who are in full command of their senses. Music is a spiritual pursuit without a doubt. Still, my work with these fascinating beings was highly spiritual because I had to learn how to communicate in a very different and creative way to the norm. 

I have been a spiritual seeker for many decades. As a child, I received a message from the Buddha to go in search of him, even though I was born into a lapsed Catholic family in the industrial north of Britain and had never heard the word ‘Buddha’ before. I also had the amazing experience of being guided by Indian Masters Jiddu Krishnamurti and Achariya Rajneesh Osho as a young woman, and continue to be touched by their unique gifts, and those of Indian and Burmese Spiritual Masters in general. I always knew that the culmination of my life would never be reached by following the normal pathways involving status and social success much to the chagrin of my family and traditional educators. I instinctively knew there were other kinds of intelligence and skillsets, which as part of developed societies we were denied access to, and I was determined not to get sucked in and become a follower. 

Latterly, I have stopped using the word ‘teacher’ when referring to myself. This label places those who teach above, or at a distance from, those who learn. I consider it to be a small act of violence because all beings are equal, and it is actually impossible to teach anyone anything. In essence, we can only inspire or guide others to decide to learn. Nowadays I am a ‘facilitator’ or ‘guide,’ or in certain circumstances even ‘catalyst,’ because all life on the material plane is alchemical, and each energy constellation has the potential to act as an alchemist. I no longer ‘teach’ but instead ‘edify’ in conventional University classrooms in Japan where I have lodged myself for the last fifteen years, and in small groups of professionals privately.

I have in all spent 30 years engaged in Buddhist practice, and latterly in Japanese Mahayana Buddhism became ordained as a Shinnyo-en priest. The Nirvana teachings, the final instructions of Buddha Shakyamuni, completed my Buddhist training, and I have gone beyond to find my true Buddha Nature and emptiness. I cultivate True Nature universally at every opportunity, which is a great challenge, especially in Japan, where formulaic behaviour and a vast gulf between public and private life persist. I used to live in my Temple Precinct, but I rarely go there physically now as my temple is in my heart. (see my book – Temple of the Phoenix, 2012)

Today, in the twenty-first century, my life is filled with listening to my voice and writing. I am an amanuensis (or scribe) for spirit and spirit guides, which is what this site is mostly about. I try to avoid too many external influences so that my True Nature can convey its authentic truth, spending an extended period every day reflecting and meditating. 

I have written and published four spiritual books, and there are many more to come. Each of them represents a stage in my spiritual training as writing is a multidimensional activity which grows with me. The two latest books concern the Cathars and Troubadour of medieval Languedoc where I lived for six years (Veil, 2015, rewritten and revised as Fall to Life, 2018), and the creed of the Cathar known as the Church of Love (Glorious Life: Glorious Death, 2015 in revision at the moment). 

I find the same traits in the Cathar way, the Buddhist way, and the way of indigenous peoples living their traditional lives. I have come to realize that this is the way of all beings made flesh, of the invisible appearing in the visible field. When I lived in Languedoc—the heart of European medieval spirituality—I uncovered by accident my former Cathar life as Fabrisse de Caramany, a well-documented 13th-century Trobiaritz (female Troubadour-poet/minstrel) and Cathar. Her story appears in Veil/Fall to Life.

On this Lands’ site, you will come across the name ‘ninija’ frequently. Her full title is ‘Traditional Landowner and Custodian of the Lands, Stories and Songs.’ She became my Desert wisdom guide whom I met briefly in the flesh in the Dreaming Lands of the South Australian Desert. She initiated me, entrusting me as the conveyor of her harrowing story. (See my book Easy-Happy-Sexy 2015—the first version of ninija’s story). There are many more books to be written in this regard. Indigenous peoples are the key to the survival of Planet Earth. It is my mission to convey this wisdom in the written word to developed nations so that we can come back home to our precious Earth instead of obsessively voyaging outside and destroying it.

I am an active websiteist (I hate the term ‘blogger’), writing on many spiritual topics:

www.divinethread.wordpress.com {Oneness/Beyond Duality} 

www.lindenthorp.com {Buddhist-Nirvana Linden}

http://www.validlit.wordpress.com {as a literary writer}

www.your-lands.com {Lands’ Linden}

Almost every day I write a daily meditation for ‘citizens of the world and custodians of the Universe’ here on this site. I hope you will join me by email. They are quite short articles with beautiful imagery that you can return to during a busy day.

You can find some of my spiritual publications to date at: www.amazon.com/author/lindenthorp_inthefield; and www.sbpra.com/lindenthorp/ 

But I am soon going to load them here on this site so you can get them directly from me.

Intense spiritual training in several different disciplines combined with a long career in teaching students of the world has led me into the vast field of human awareness. I have finally walked out across the bridge of my mind, cleared of all intellectual clutter so that I can encourage you to clear your bridge and join me.

One day, I woke up to find that I had everything I needed to be truly happy and content right inside me; that it had been there all along like a priceless diamond sewn into my coat lining by my mother and father. I woke up bathed in the love of all the Holy beings, but not separate from that essence. Indeed, I woke up as love itself.