You are Goodness

Humans are the world and the way and we will change!

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Materials, possessions, appropriations, membership,

rivals, ambition, boundaries, nationalisms, differences………….

These are ulterior motives, ulterior agendas.

They are the bywords of life in the world of form

which are repeated internally, consciously or

allowed to drone away in the unconscious.

They are built into our conditioning and

education but they are a fabrication,

a conspiratorial dream we are forced to

participate in if we want to find human success

and respect and approval from our social witnesses.

700 years ago a small group of Christian mystics

moved around Europe defying the dominant

Church of Rome and living out the opposites

of these bywords in their lives.

They had no church, no fabric to ostentatiously

display their faith or liturgies with.

Instead, they found secluded meeting places

in mountain passes and forests to listen to

those where were ready to receive their final blessings.

They had no possessions,

needing little to live simply,

and their only byword was ‘understanding.’

They served others tirelessly and silently

with unconditional love and compassion

as they worked behind the scenes of the

greatest religious dictatorship of all.

They epitomized goodness and healing

in every breath and so were known as the Good People,

les Bonnes,’ and the Perfect, ‘les Parfaits.’


Goodness in human form feels no shame or fear.

It is the eternal witness in the fusion of the visible

and the invisible.

The Good believed that as humans are the world and the way

they will change themselves. And we can and must!

By living according to our true nature,

always honest with ourselves and all others.

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By Lands' Linden Thorp

Writer and seeker to embody our true human nature of goodness and light. The power of words must never be underestimated so my sacred mission is to touch people using them skillfully, moving all beings from the darkness into the light!

2 replies on “You are Goodness”

Buddhism and Catharism are connected to the extent that both philosophies look at our rightful place in the Cosmos; rightful and harmonious place, I shall add.

And these Good Women and Good Men’s church was no other than the church of daily living, and daily breathing.

Buddhism says not the contrary: “Buddhism equals daily life” is the phrase I heard and read many times, in my youthful practicing years 🙂

Personally, I don’t believe one can reach nirvana if all alone on a mountain peak or in a cave…


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