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From the Field: for vertical movers

We beings of light and love have the power to reverse each other’s gravity, to dig out each other’s gems from the detritus of the lower mind.

Buddhists and Cathars jacket

Love has no secrets, no hidden places, no dark corners. It is pure energy, the bright light of our spirit. It depends on nothing and no one, is contingent on no conditions. Neither is it subject to the laws of cause and effect. In the same way, light is subject to no conditions because it is a universal law, and if we have crossed over the bridge of the mind out into the field of consciousness, we are the light, we become it; we are the love, we live it.

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Cosmos by Mariko Kinoshita

We, our spirits, are manifest as fleshy vessels exactly so that we can convey this love and light to illuminate all the darknesses in the world, and so guide others across their own bridges. Nothing more. But we become ensnared in choices dreamed up by the ego mind, and so gradually lose our connections with our divinity.

Light and love have no history. They are not influenced by man’s mere ideas, or the toys of the intellect. They have no reputation to be damaged, no pride to scratch, no measures or rubber stamps to apply. No gender or race or social class. Physical affection per se and lustful affaires de coeurs are embedded in time and space, endurance and nostalgia are their tap roots, but real love is deathless, innocence, the nectar of gods.

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Neither light nor love needs initiations to be started, or any medium to convey them. There is no beginning to them and no end, but our bodies have the potential to make them finite, fixed, strapped to culture and custom, to ego and fear. Lie still down on the ground, and see how the mind interferes with what the body will do next! To move consciously it tries to start the move, to do by pushing, pulling, lifting, because we feel we have stopped when we lie down sheltering from gravity. But we are never still because we are pure energy, so if we let go of the finite weight and space-taking of the body, cease to interfere in it with the mind, it will move naturally, continuing on balancing the good and the bad along the tightrope of life.  Awareness in the field of consciousness means the body will take care of itself, but most of us are dead to our freely mobile child within, fixed as ‘mature adults.’

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Initiations involve vows – firm wishes that we must never break – and offerings – sacrifices, renunciation – but neither light not love can perform such things, or have any need to. If our bodies are vessels for light and love and their conveyance, and nothing more, then we have nothing to offer. Both vows and offerings are worldly external reflections of the divine. They are misunderstandings, crude assertions in the name of the sacred, mere delusions. Instead, think of your physical entity as a light tower for the divine to shine from, or as a window for the universe to stream through, not a commodity to offer. When we fully occupy our true nature, we are not separate, so it is impossible to offer something to others.

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To enable us to live, we borrow breath from the universe, from the atmosphere. This is our link and it is the only offering we can make when death comes and we must return what we have borrowed. The breath will keep us in contact with light and love while we are human.

Each focused breath will guide us to the bridge so that we can see the field beyond, and when we are ready we will walk across. It is this bridge of the mind that makes us different to animals, but without it we are also animals. When and as we cross it we must have deep gratitude to them because they are our origin, their innocence and unconditional love belong to us. But they have stayed loyal to the Earth, never abandoning their life support as we have, never stepping into a manmade world and viewing nature as redundant, as not worthy of respect.

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Humans have the route to understanding through the bridge of the mind. Animals do not, and it is irrelevant to them. But understanding does not need to be a separation, though through excessive thinking and abstraction, we have frequently made ourselves remote to it. Understanding is not a concept, something we interpret, something we synthesize. Understanding is a gravitational force, which pulls us towards the love and the light, and so makes its power more potent. It is understanding that leads us to embody love and light without constraints.

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We all have the ability to listen unconditionally to the suffering of others, becoming one with them, sharing our light so they can illuminate their true nature. The gravitational pull of love and light strips away the fetters and straps of ego and conditioning, to reveal their diamond inside. Understanding grinds and polishes away the dirt of darkness and delusion so that the light can be reflected in a trillion facets of their spirit. All at once, they step into the bright light of themselves so that they too can illuminate others.

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We beings of light and love have the power to reverse each other’s gravity, to dig out each other’s gems from the detritus of the lower mind. Across the bridge, all the gems reflect their light until everything is healed, the suffering drains away and the totality of innocence floods back into its place. The pugilism of mental constructs ebbs away like a mistaken attack. Time and space were mere glittery baubles or sticky fingers in the ears to block out the screams of death and pain and our disappearance after all.

Then we can see that it is fear that seems to have jostled out our native light and love, injecting darkness and distortion into our spirits in their place. Animal fear has crept up on humans, become subjectified, taken out of context, interpreted, jettisoned. We have found other more ‘civilized’ ways to survive than animals, and we are arrogant with it. Arrogance and fear are gross partners, kidnappers, highway-men. But breathing borrowed breath together in unison will blow them away.

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… extract from my new book which is almost finished.

By Lands' Linden Thorp

Writer and seeker to embody our true human nature of goodness and light. The power of words must never be underestimated so my sacred mission is to touch people using them skillfully, moving all beings from the darkness into the light!

All feedback will be gratefully received! Thank you for your time.

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