My deep history

20 years ago I set off around the world with a huge pack on my back…….

20 years ago I set off around the world with a huge pack on my back containing most of my worldly goods and travelled for 2 years without returning to my native United Kingdom. It was time for me to turn away from my comfortable life and find my true mission.

This site ‘Your Lands, Stories and Songs: Embrace your Earth Nature in Deep time,’ is the result of the complete change in direction I experienced after meeting the Australian Traditional Landowner, Ninija, deep in the South Australian Desert during my trip.

I did indeed fnd my mission and that is my motivation for creating this site. I would like to share these incredible insights and wisdoms with you here a little every day. Ninija became my spirit guide out there in the desert. She appeared and still apepars in many dreams and is always present in my daily life.

By Lands' Linden Thorp

Writer and seeker to embody our true human nature of goodness and light. The power of words must never be underestimated so my sacred mission is to touch people using them skillfully, moving all beings from the darkness into the light!

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