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stitches in the tapestry

each sentient being and life form is a vital stitch in the great tapestry of life…..





Each sentient being and life form is a vital stitch in the great tapestry of life.

We need to work diligently to perfect our stitch

stitches 1    

so that it can fill its rightful place.


The ultimate truth of our stitch is a microcosm of the ultimate truth of all the stitches together…..

……and once everyone has contributed their stitch, the loving universe will function in perfect equanimity, and happiness will be eternal.

tapestry of life

Ninija says:

Ninija as keeper of the Lands may use all the resources and riches on the Earth’s skin to record desert life so that the Dreaming heroes can see. She uses Rock and Sand and Tree-bark and Body for her painting canvas. No matter where she chooses to work there are countless other canvasses painted, carved and drawn by her people since the Great Mother called “Nature” first created the Lands. As she walks around her domain, she just-knows where the next site will be. Then she pours her Landowner Spirit into that site from plentiful vessels.

When she paints, she becomes the contours of the Rocks, the cases of each grain of Sand; dancing her feet here, larding her rich Songs there, and stirring in her own concentrated essence. She just-knows that all the materials she needs are available to her at any of word-fella’s ‘time,’ in the Lands’ way—eternally.

By Lands' Linden Thorp

Writer and seeker to embody our true human nature of goodness and light. The power of words must never be underestimated so my sacred mission is to touch people using them skillfully, moving all beings from the darkness into the light!

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