Lands' wisdom Meditations/reflections The most magnificent Djang

Djang: glorious death!

We ‘developed’ people have so much to learn from these ancient custodians of the Great Truth…….

the djang

We are born from the body of our mother.

We grow steadily, get old and then we die.  

This is the natural way for all things in the

material world. This is the nature of all materials

– they appear and they disappear.




Death is a terrifying thought for most of us

because we become so attached to the material

world.  We spend all our energy identifying with

everything that is visible,

holding on to it literally for dear life


adult alone black and white dark
Photo by Kat Jayne on

We know we are going to age and die

but we desperately struggle against losing

such a precious thing as human life.  

This is the modern materialistic life—

addicted to everything visible,

everything possessable;

—obsessed with status, reputation and wealth. 


close up photo of person holding crystal stone
Photo by Deena on

We have turned our backs on the universe,

plundering and raping the planet without a care.

We have stopped listening because our eyes have

become so big and greedy that we are deluded that

the visual field is where we can find “the only truth!”

photo of woman covered with leaves
Photo by Toni Ferreira Ph on

On the other hand, indigenous peoples—

the true people of the Earth who never turned their backs on the planet,

listen deeply to the universe and

their Great Mother Nature.

They spend their every moment taking care

of the precious planet and especially of their

totem group which they are born into.


discrimination 1


They are the true and only custodians of

the planet; the only ones who really have wisdom

and direct contact with all that is

visible and invisible.


Dreaming Heroes

Like us, they also are born and they die, but they live their lives longing for

that death, longing for the glorious moment when their spirit is released

from the limited suffering physical and finite body, which is vulnerable to

disease and decay, sustained only by food and water.



Because of this deep knowing about their divine origins, they live their lives

without fears or attachments.They trust entirely in the universe to

provide for all their needs, just-knowing that they will always have enough

to complete their particular human mission.


the Djang
The moment of release from the body is called the Djang, portrayed in a
native painting above. It is the glorious culmination of each tribal life
lived as a custodian of the Earth and it is celebrated by a 12 day lead-up of
burial ceremonies, feasting and dancing, and esoteric rituals.  
It is a secret ceremony: any trespassers or unqualified spectators will be
seized and expelled.



Each custodian of the Earth knows that after

their body has lost its usefulness, the spirit

held within it will rise into the sky and there

among the stars go on traveling to other

dimensions to learn other lessons.

They unconditionally accept that their

appearance in human form

is just one part of their spiritual evolution.


photo of colorful abstract painting
Photo by Dids on

We so-called ‘developed’ people have so much to learn

from these ancient custodians of

the Great Truth.

Lands 3

PS for Djang post-EHS


By Lands' Linden Thorp

Writer and seeker to embody our true human nature of goodness and light. The power of words must never be underestimated so my sacred mission is to touch people using them skillfully, moving all beings from the darkness into the light!

3 replies on “Djang: glorious death!”

Thank you Gilles. I’m so glad you have contributed and that that will encourage other friends to do so. It’s true that native Australians living in traditional life do not suffer from diseases. They have accidents but they are natural healers so they know how to use everything the Great Mother Nature provides to heal. The more the intellect develops, the sicker we become.

Love and light and true happiness to you.

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A lot goes on with the intellect, dear Linden.

And yet every human being has the power to turn thing around and create a brand new world. That is why we are now ❤

Wishing you well in the East & lots of Love


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