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—no matter how fierce the storm, you will always find shelter—

no matter how fierce the storm, you will always find shelter

Life may seem impossible, your problems insurmountable, but there will always be a way through, a refuge where you can recover and find warmth and security.

There may be one more hill to climb before you reach your destination, but you will find a warm dry bed and a hot meal waiting for you there. So, take courage and make a final effort to see your mission through.

shelter 3

Storms always come to an end because the infinite blue sky is constant in the background. This is the tireless work of the guardians of the good universe who work for our happiness. 

By Lands' Linden Thorp

Writer and seeker to embody our true human nature of goodness and light. The power of words must never be underestimated so my sacred mission is to touch people using them skillfully, moving all beings from the darkness into the light!

All feedback will be gratefully received! Thank you for your time.

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