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Earth garden

Our garden is the ultimate for me before I move off to the next magnificent stage of the process of becoming, so………

our earth garden

I am not a scholar lost in and fascinated by the Land of my narrow mind;

neither am I a vacant believer hypnotised and indoctrinated by its features and weather.

And I am not asking you to read and check to see if I am telling the truth or not; if my facts are straight or not; if my motive is to swank about my knowledge and compete with yours or not.

I am not like you.  I am a different flower in the human garden we share.

I am not easily fixated on images: they pass me by like bubbles in a stream.

I could never spend millions and years on researching a likeness of Jesus Christ, speculating about medieval forgeries or clandestine Catholic actions or undetected motives.

I cannot make glorified hyped images of fictional gods and deities a priority because I am mesmerised by the living breathing beings who surround me. 

I am always in our garden wearing my coat of unconditional Love and tender gloves. There, I cherish living blooms and make the conditions right for flower deaths and the successful release of their true spirits.

I do not live trapped inside mind-time and man-space. Instead, I live eternal, my petals and shiny leaves splendid as intended.

There is no time to kill with pointless speculation and accumulations of word books, and in my form, I can travel anywhere in this Earthly paradise.

Our garden is the ultimate for me before I move off to the next magnificent stage of the process of becoming, so I am not looking to drop to my knees and worship anyone except the magnetic members of my race.


By Lands' Linden Thorp

Writer and seeker to embody our true human nature of goodness and light. The power of words must never be underestimated so my sacred mission is to touch people using them skillfully, moving all beings from the darkness into the light!

All feedback will be gratefully received! Thank you for your time.

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