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Soul Management: the art of honesty

Our honesty with ourselves must surely begin inside
and radiate outwards and this is crucial in matters of faith.


Often we consciously do something outwardly in order

to make a change inwardly, as if inside and outside

are separate.

But the most natural process of inner change

or transformation

happens from the inside to the outside,

and there is no separation.

The change radiates from the core to the

outer edges.

In fact, nothing that happens inside

can avoid touching the outside.

If we enforce something from the outside,

there is a good possibility that there will

not be a genuine change inside.

We can see this phenomenon in many walks

of life:

in the natural world, in education,

in relationships,

and especially in religion.

All the traditional religions are dying out

which is indicated by excessive

rituals and doctrine.

The rituals are in general supposedly

performed to bring about inner change,

but it is unsure if this

is real lasting change because it is imposed

and unnatural.

Our honesty with ourselves must surely begin

inside and radiate outwards and this is crucial

in matters of faith.



The great spiritual leaders and thinkers created

something inside before it radiated outwards.

Maybe they adopted magnificent and memorable

poses during their inner revolution,

like Buddha, Jesus or Mahavir,

but there is no doubt that a guru’s greatness,

call it ‘enlightenment’ if you like,

comes from within.

The pose, the external visible sign,

is a product of inner resolution.



The first step to true happiness and fulfillment is

without doubt the courage to be honest with

ourselves above everything.

And this constitutes our creative core also.

If artifacts emanate from our core, they are

an absolute expression of our individual art of


Sincerity may be invisible,

but it permeates throughout the universe

and penetrates deep into the

invisible dimension.



images courtesy of + Mariko Kinoshita – ‘Temple’ 2011.

Heart care –; Dandelion –; Golden Budas –; Germinating seed Macro –

By FlourishWrite Consult

Writer living in Japan.
specialisms: mainstream and alternative health and medical science; well-being; meditation & re-education techniques; healing and herbalism

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