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Soul Management: the raft

Trust in the power of your divine spirit to overcome any adversity, and look to your embodiment of the indestructible energy of love and light in each moment as a part of the universe.


It is dusk, the light faint. Imagine you have to cross a torrential river with white water and dangerous currents. There are no bridges to just walk across, so you decide to build a raft, to assemble rough wood together to make a waterproof and buoyant vessel to get you across. You believe in your raft to get you to safety on the other shore because the shore you are waiting on is full of dangers – forest fire spreading rapidly, dangerous animals and poisonous insects and snakes, an army of hunters wanting to kill you and steal all your worldly possessions.

You construct your vessel and in fear and trembling you get on with your single oar and plunge into the rapids and currents among the treacherous rocks. It is touch and go for a while: you almost capsize, you lose all your luggage and you are thrown against a rock damaging your arm and leg.

But after a long period of battling with the waves and currents, the icy wind and thick darkness, you arrive breathless and injured on the small beach on the other side, dragging yourself up on to the icy rocks and slowly recovering from the ordeal.

You prepare to travel on to find shelter for the night, but you decide that this raft is far too valuable to leave behind, so you lift it on to your shoulders and struggle up the muddy hillsides. Despite terrible weather and fierce wind you struggle on determined not to leave your raft behind.

But this transport is no longer of any use as there are no more rivers in sight and it could be that someone else may have need of it. But nothing will make you let it go so that you can move more quickly up the mountain slopes to shelter. You are afraid that you will lose something precious, something tangible which had enabled you to move to safety. You are desperately afraid of loss.

But then, you suddenly think of other people in need like you were and you decide to let go of it and leave it behind. You straighten your back, take your courage in your hands, and speed up the mountain side fearlessly.



Once over the ridge, you look down below and there you see that you have to cross another raging river, and you momentarily panic. But as you regain your courage, you hear the words of the wise man:

‘You have all you need within you to overcome anything. You have a diamond inside you which will provide a strong light in the universe so that you may clearly see the path ahead and show the way to others.’

And there, in the distance, suddenly a bridge to get across the next river comes into view! You walk on into the vast field of human awareness where the limited human mind has no place. You are so grateful for the raft but you only borrowed it as we borrow everything we need for human life from the universe, even the air we breathe.


We come into human life naked and without any possessions, and this is how we leave again when our physical body fails us. Our eternal spirit can never be destroyed and will live on embodying love and light fearlessly. But the intellectual mind is weak, fraught with fears and doubts, and is clever enough to overpower the spirit.

Trust in the power of your divine spirit to overcome any adversity, and look to your embodiment of the indestructible energy of love and light in each moment as a part of the universe.

This is your power, this is your role, and this is your true happiness and complete freedom.



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Heart Care-; Wild Raging Himalayan Torrent –; Dangerous Bridge –; Magic Yoga –


By FlourishWrite Consult

Writer living in Japan.
specialisms: mainstream and alternative health and medical science; well-being; meditation & re-education techniques; healing and herbalism

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