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Soul Management: you are a candle

You are a living breathing candle.

Your flame burns brightly at one moment then gutters and threatens to go out at the next.


You are a living breathing candle.

Your flame burns brightly at one moment

then gutters and threatens to go out

at the next.

But the potential for your light is eternal

thanks to the kindness of the universe.

Even if you allow your flame to go out,

you can light it again, if you choose to.

If your heart is open and you believe

deeply in yourself, your flame will get brighter

and brighter so that you can illuminate

the darkness to give light to others.

Your light will show them the truth of

their divine origins of light.

The body of a candle burns away,

giving of itself,

while illuminating the great truth in the world.

This is your true mission:

to make your own individual flame as bright

as can be, for the sake of the universe

and all its life.

Your particular candle can bring a

unique energy into the universe

which is essential to perfect and balance it.

Images: courtesy of

Heart care –; Reflections –; Science fiction landscape –; and artwork by Mariko Kinoshita

By FlourishWrite Consult

Writer living in Japan.
specialisms: mainstream and alternative health and medical science; well-being; meditation & re-education techniques; healing and herbalism

5 replies on “Soul Management: you are a candle”

Dear Sister,

An amazing synchronicity, again, which led me to steal (for a good cause 🙂 that is) the picture above and the spirit of your post; which was so beautifully mirrored in what I found and read in a French church this morning.

Thanks you very much, my Dear, for walking along my side. I truly feel your loving presence.

Here is what I wrote in anticipation of this week’s gathering:

Dear Ones,

Synchronicity and faith beautifully knocked at my door this morning as I was on my way to a florist.

I was imbued with the essence of my friend Linden’s post, “Soul Management: you are a candle.”

when the Divine made me change my mind about which florist to go to. On the way to the second florist, I passed the church (in France) where my friends married their daughter 3 months ago. The very church where I received a strong message about the need to shine my Light. Curiosity made me enter as the service was about to start.

There was a big poster about “Vigilance” hanging up in the church. Impossible to miss it. At first, I thought it was about safety and security, knowing France is often the target of terrorist attacks.

And then read the pamphlet which was given to me by the front door. So beautifully aligned with my friend Linden’s post – we are the Light, we are the candle, and we need to be vigilant with our faith and our desire to search for the Divine (paraphrasing the French pamphlet, and adding my two spiritual cents of understanding).

Here is what the pamphlet says,

“Stay awake, because if you doze off, there won’t be any of these for you: no desire, no faith, no action, no friendly sharing, no amazing look, but only a void – a void where human beings dwell, unknowing of themselves, and unknowing of the face of God who yet shows through in the thread of every day life.”

“Stay awake, in order to catch the amazing miracle of Her/His Presence, that the Lord offers to your faith ‘in waiting:’ in so many ways, through so many words and silences, in so many places, on so many faces, through so many gestures and callings, through so many happenings.”

Let’s keep our faith vividly burning, dear Ones; our faith in our own Divinity, and our faith in Humanity’s goodness.

Looking forward to this Wednesday’s communion, my friends.

In gratitude for what is, and what will be.



Gilles, is is lovely. Please use my posts whenever you like – in fact, I’d be honoured to be mentioned! So glad we are in sync., but then we always have been!
Just a few more days in France! perhaps you are looking forward to getting back home, or not?
Speak soon.
Good luck with Wednesday. I’ll try to look in.

Kisses and a million insights! X


Thank you, my dear,

I will certainly make good use of your wisdom!

And yes, going back to the US on Monday, after a few days in your …birth land!!

Glastonbury, here I come 🙂 ❤

Love & much Light, dear Sister



Thank you, again, dear Sister for your gorgeous, illuminating post. It warmed us up this evening and I felt compelled to share it.

We had a beautiful gathering, off the record this time, and the first 30 minutes of it turned into an impromptu healing session. How mystical 🙂 ❤ that the people who decided to come … were in attendance. A perfect gathering, as it was meant to be–the Cathar way, that is 🙂

Love, much Love, my dear, and much Light

I feel truly inspired this evening ❤ Merci beaucoup


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