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Soul Management: Lock up the archives!





Your are a camera. You are a compulsive archivist.

See it. Save it as proof. Classify it. Validate it.

But there are other ways to use your miraculous

powers as a being of light ……..

You can create a sacred space with it which is

pure and exclusively positive.

It is a scared mandala of reality

suffused with goodness and light

in which there are no beginnings and

no ends.

A fear may grip you round the throat.

A regret may pull you down and sap

your energy.

Loss may haunt and cause you to lose

part of yourself along with it.

You madly snap pictures of these unbidden

images and feelings, then file them away

in the dusty stacks of your archives

to look up later and dwell on.

But if you put away your camera

and lock up the archives,

you will be able to activate your

sacred mandala of reality.

Then the image of fear appears

momentarily and transforms

into a beautiful rose.

The regret threatens to undermine you

but suddenly turns into a glorious orchid.

The dread of loss which can paralyse and

pinch you explodes into jungle grasses

and glossy tropical leaves dotted with red buds.

All that is negative is blown into a canopy

of gleaming blossoms which fall gently

at your feet.

The negative is like air pollution waiting

to contaminate you, to flood in through

your various lenses and filters to be

captured on celluloid. So, put the camera

of your mind away,

see it as a tool to be used occasionally,

and step into your sacred mandala

so that you can live in this world

according to your true nature.



Images: Heart care – ‘Mandala’ by Mariko Kinoshita ‘Buddha in Meditation’ –


By FlourishWrite Consult

Writer living in Japan.
specialisms: mainstream and alternative health and medical science; well-being; meditation & re-education techniques; healing and herbalism

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