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Soul Management: Blueprint

Get a glimpse of you true nature today!

Each human being makes their own unique view

of the world according to their own energy and

environment.  Add to this our inheritance from

ancestors combined with earlier versions of culture

and evolution in which they lived and we have

a blueprint we are born into human life with.  

We are born into a family with a history and a

certain energy or set of proclivities some of which

have been perpetuated through the generations.

Modern science informs us that we inherit DNA

from our parents and they from their parents and

so on. We cannot change this unless we take

drastic steps with surgery, drugs or other medical

intervention.  This fact is then combined with the

rules and structure of the culture, religion,

climate, gender, class, etc. we arrive in. So, it

is easy to see how people become separated

from their true individual natures and their

dreams and sincere urges.

They may live completely sealed into an ego

shell of compromise and insincerity.

We see those around us who have ‘lost’

themselves, lost their true nature. These

foundlings act as if they are slumbering or

intoxicated by life, swept helplessly on

the highs and lows,

buffeted by their luck or misfortune.

They habitually blame others while

over-cherishing their fragile ‘selves.’  As

witnesses we are able to see how their inner

lives are incongruous with their outer lives,

but often we cannot see our own

incongruences.  And that is the challenge:

to know and accept ourselves completely,

our shortcomings and our strengths equally. 

Many people become so adept at wearing a

wardrobe of different masks to cope with each

social situation they must participate in, that

the masks grow into their face and they can

never remove them

Spiritual training can provide the tools to first

detect and then remove those masks for short

intervals. Then gradually, we unmask for a longer

and longer time until we have the confidence to

remove them completely and live our

self-sincerity, our true and unique nature.

Our true nature is our divine inheritance,

but living in huge competitive urban groups

as most of us do means we cover it over,

bury it, forget about it, simply so we can fit in.

So we can get approval from our peers and


So, get a glimpse of your true nature today

and have the courage to live true to it

if only for a few seconds.

Tomorrow is another opportunity.

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header: Heart care

The Vitruvian man (Blueprint version) –


A wooden pose

Twins – Venetian Mask, Italy –

By FlourishWrite Consult

Writer living in Japan.
specialisms: mainstream and alternative health and medical science; well-being; meditation & re-education techniques; healing and herbalism

4 replies on “Soul Management: Blueprint”

How are you, dear Sister!?

You’ve been so industrious lately that it is hard for me to keep up. Big smile.

I wanted to share a few things about my current research with the Cathars, and I will, but perhaps a little later.

I arrived in France last night, the purpose being to see my mother and a cousin of ours in the city of Nancy one last time. This is a time of transition, my dear, my dears, and it seems those two beautiful souls are ready for their journey into the beyond.

May they be blessed and cherished along the way 🙂

Love & much, much Light, dear Sister,

Till we speak again ❤



Gilles, my dear one,

I’ve been aware of you recently more strongly than usual and then you contacted me! Yes, there have been so many moments when I wanted to join your class but my own outpourings and challenges got the better of me. Like you, I’m in flux at the moment…well always actually…..and trying to decide on priorities and expertise so I can focus again. I rather like this blurry feeling listening to people’s hearts not their heads, and I know that it will lead to a new turn in my life.

So, your being in France was what I cold feel I think. I’m glad you can be with your mother and other as they shift to their source! Those final blessings are so important for the next stage.

Thank you for contacting me and I hope we can talk in more detail very soon. Perhaps we should skype when you get back? I’ve got a lot to tell you too.

Sorry to bombard you with posts, but after a period of abstinence and working on bigger things, I wanted to catch up with so many fragments I’ve been writing for Niume, etc.

So my dear, Bonne visite!
Xoxoxo bizoux


Thank you, dear Sister, for this lovely response,

and yes, I do understand the feeling and the challenges – they are our fuel for growth and more looking within. And for midwiding transitions! inner and outer, personal and collective!

I shall be in France for about two weeks, or perhaps more, Universe-willing.

So we could possibly do a Skype call at some point. Depending on what goes on, I shall have some free time at my brother’s.

I will be in touch, bien sur ❤ 🙂

Love & much Light, my dearest



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