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Soul Management

We are after all, the free flowing energy of love and light!

Touch your Heart Daily Meditation

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Often, the world of words and numbers demands that

we churn out concepts and assertions mindlessly.

But each of them creates an image in our visual

libraries and memory banks.

Eventually, the bridge of the mind leading out to the

vast field of consciousness is so cluttered with verbiage

and images that we cannot move. We are blocked in.

But unblocking is not just a matter of clearing out,

discarding our highly documented lives out on to

the scrapheaps.

No matter how badly they make us suffer by living

always indirectly, marooned in our own minds,

we have created them in our unique way.

They are what we amount to so far:

they are our materials.

But we can be sure that no materials are permanent.

So, we can first acknowledge them,

accept them as our way up to this point,

and then we can tenderly build a fire and set

them alight, watching them burn with gratitude.

They are a means whereby and without them,

we would be deprived of their richness.


We could concentrate our attention on the sound

of the words of others instead of their meanings.

Listen to the heart behind the words that reach you

and linger lovingly there without reacting or

categorizing, or trying to make them permanent.

They are the utterances of a fellow true spirit after all.

With a sincere heart and mindfulness,

you can cease to assert and window-dress your ego

when you interact with other true natures in your vicinity.

Asserting is merely a desperate attempt

to make yourself and your world permanent in someone

else’s eyes and in your own. It excludes and separates.


When we speak aloud we could remember always that

we are essentially spirit so we must express ourselves

in an artfully vague way like a breeze,

the rapid flapping wings of the hummingbird,

or the constant fluttering of a candle flame.

Indeed, in place of words, fingers and eyes,

warm breath and our unique fragrance will register

our sincere heart to others with perfection.

If we are truly free, we depend on nothing outside,

especially not the pure abstractions of words and


We are after all, the free flowing energy of love and light.


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By FlourishWrite Consult

Writer living in Japan.
specialisms: mainstream and alternative health and medical science; well-being; meditation & re-education techniques; healing and herbalism

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