Touch Your Heart Daily Meditation: soul management

The light of day comes and goes from my personal theatre.

Objects and people come and they go, they wax and wane,

as I watch from the gallery. This appearance and evanescence

may affect me in two ways,

but I am free to only choose one of them.

Either I can swallow the beauty I see as it glimmers and gurgles,

calmly enjoying, marveling, weeping,

smiling in the centre of the moment and moving smoothly

without flinching on to the next scene.

I look and listen in absolute trust at these arisings and

descendings because I know they are finite,

that they will run for only a limited season.

I know that the essence of love brought me to this theatre

and will convey me back to the ether high above the lit streets when it is over.

Alternatively, I can hold the beauty in my mouth,

refusing to let it go, to swallow it,

wanting to immortalize it and make it permanent,

to possess it so that no-one else can have it.

The emotions that arise as a result of the stimulus are negative,

inverted, flinching so that they separate me away

from everyone else  in the world,

from my race and from the natural world.

They are rooted in my fear that the supply of beauty will end,

and so, I must create my own stores because I have no shred of trust.

My love essence has brought me this far smoothly,

but I choose to sabotage it so that I do not have to leave the theatre.

I simply throw it aside as spent fuel.

Which will you choose?

Images by megapixyl

By FlourishWrite Consult

Writer living in Japan.
specialisms: mainstream and alternative health and medical science; well-being; meditation & re-education techniques; healing and herbalism

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