The enigmatic process of life


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We know our human lives are a process, a means whereby,  
and yet we yearn to know the result, the end-product.  
We are certain that this process began with the moment of birth
and it will end with the moment of death.  
Between these two points, our physical form develops and matures,
and then as its season draws to a close,
it starts to shrink and slow.  
What is the use of this flower life we ask?
“We,” our spirits or energy, are temporarily housed
in a flesh form specifically to participate
in the visual material world which is subject
to varied and numerous conditions.
It is logical then that the conditioned mind expects
a harvest from the progress through the years
of our life’s growth.
Religions use certain terms for this end-product
– Heaven or Hell, Nirvana or Emptiness, Enlightenment,
Paradise, Zion, Avalon, Swarga, Valhalla, and so on.  
But words and images die the moment they appear
or are uttered or thought.  
‘Birth’ and ‘Death’ are also only words,
but we identify or attach ourselves with and to them
– “my birth,” “his death,” and so on.
We do not realise that once uttered or thought,
such phrases are dead, in the past,
dropped like a heavy stone into a deep pool,
The truth is “we” have always flowed in the
vast wide river of all energy and we always will
without using special labels or grand proper nouns. 
Energy is vibration and light subject to no single condition,
not even human’s facile notions of “time” or “space.”
It goes where it will dependent on nothing,
consuming the darkness without diminishing,
flowing and flowing.  
There are absolutely no rewards or results in any dimension
except for the joy of being and loving with company
in our human boats,
breathing with them in concert.
The conditions we become fixed on and often afflicted by
throw up obstacles in the way of our flow creating detours,
sluggish pools, eddies and rapids.  
The build up of the heat of negative emotions and violence
acted out in the world of form causes drought and quickly
the wide flow dwindles to a trickle or floods to extinguish its divine flame.
Can you refrain from throwing obstacles into the sweeping flow of
human energy now and here – today,
as each of these words drops from my hands into the pool of extinction? 
Can you give up your addiction to collecting, to hoarding,
to getting and spending,
to violent acts of separation from your fellows now and here?
Can you say you will no longer be dependent on creating
parallel worlds in your mind with worthless words and images
so that you can just flow and flow, laughing and loving?
Slap bang in the centre of this moment and in no place in particular,
can you accept that there is nothing you have to do except be
and in your full being the flow will flow without
any beginning or ending.

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By FlourishWrite Consult

Writer living in Japan.
specialisms: mainstream and alternative health and medical science; well-being; meditation & re-education techniques; healing and herbalism

All feedback will be gratefully received! Thank you for your time.

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