Daily Meditation: embodiment

Embody your essence and your angel will be released to allow the topaz pellet
of your divine spirit to explode into the water beneath your surface.


Perhaps today you will feel a strong emotion,

either negative or positive,

pleasant or unpleasant,

and you may be tempted to dismiss it,

to reject it as unreal, or imaginary.

The potency of your emotions has nothing

to do with your imagination.

It is not intellectual but visceral,

not conscious like the tip of the iceberg,

but unconscious emanating from the massive

invisible part of your spirit

below the surface. 

This is your true nature slipping in between

all the layers of conditioning,

your essence of divine love and light. 

It is Eros, genderless, timeless and spaceless.  

Let this feeling in and stay with it,

accept its ancient randomness.  

Embody your essence and your angel

will be released to allow the topaz pellet

of your divine spirit to explode into the

water beneath your surface.

let go 4

By FlourishWrite Consult

Writer living in Japan.
specialisms: mainstream and alternative health and medical science; well-being; meditation & re-education techniques; healing and herbalism

5 replies on “Daily Meditation: embodiment”

I love this little post of yours, dear Sister,

Having worked for some 20 years with the cultural concept of the iceberg.

Interestingly, it seems I will be teaching about culture and cultural awareness in this ‘new school’ of mine; within the context of spiritual awakening, that is–or the road leading up to removing some of our blinders, or veils if you wish.

Love & much Light, dear Sister.

And happy to be (only) 1 hour behind you for a couple weeks!

Waved at you very early yesterday morning 🙂



Hello dear brother, and yes I saw you waving in your large green sunglasses. Very glad you are closer than ever during your vacation.
Thank you for your great comments as always. We certainly walk hand-in-hand don’t we? And yes, I hope your school prep is going well while you sun yourself and have fabulous food!
The iceberg! It is a powerful image of the soul.
Keep in touch. Thank gods for the Internet – I would miss you always watching over me!

Love and smiles of radiant light

To be is to know.


Hello dear Sister, how are you this evening?

Getting ready for a new week, perhaps?

Happy teaching if you are, in fact, teaching!

I wanted to ask you how do you relate to the metaphor of the iceberg when it comes to the spiritual realm?

In other words, what do you put in the bottom/unconscious/autopilot, and what do you put elsewhere, up there?

I am reading a very thick, spiritually intriguing book that you may know. The author is Lars Muhl and the title is, The O Manuscript.

The story of the author’s meeting and working with a Seer. Interestingly, they meet for the first time in Montsegur; then Andalusia.

The ‘new school’ starts on Friday, which means we’ll be heading home soon.

Love & much Light my dear Sister



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