Daily Meditation: different but not separate

diversity 4

of course, you are different from every human in the world because of your unique consciousness. But the way you live that difference depends on your motive, your life’s intention.  you can use it to empower you personally, ensuring your fame and fortune, or you can use it universally by cultivating your goodness and doing everything in your power to recognize and then realise your personal mission.

the conditioned mind will argue and convince itself that you are separate because you are different.  you are made human mystically as a product of your parents, and then you emerge into the visible world where your skin thickens, and gradually you become physically independent of your parents.  but you are always an unbreakable continuation of your ancestors, and they form a DNA pattern in the whole tapestry of human life stretching across the universe.

the conditioned mind will persuade you to cut yourself away from the past, from your ‘roots,’ from the trends of your lineage, and do something outstanding with your life, seeking acclaim and respect. Then it will trick you into believing that you have re-created yourself, made yourself with great effort, entirely alone. and so you become separate. you are both happy and sad in your isolation. but what was your motivation to become separate?  defiance? beating the system? freedom? self-interest?

if we go backwards in man time, your lineage stretches to a golden period in human history, a time when the gods walked around amidst us. they were close, their radiance rubbing off on each one of us. then our skins were only filaments of light.  Our sacred mission of embodying all goodness and brightening the light of divinity was in tact, on course, and there was contentment and quiet joy.

we were love, we embodied its universal force and breathed its breaths. It was not an accessory or status as it often becomes in modern times.

so, let the tension of your arrogance dissolve and find contentment once again in being an integral stitch in the tapestry of the universe. Your shape and colour is different from others, but you have no need to start your own tapestry for you are indispensable to the universe.

only you can be what you are and do what you do. we all need each other to rekindle our universal divine light.

tapestry of life

By FlourishWrite Consult

Writer living in Japan.
specialisms: mainstream and alternative health and medical science; well-being; meditation & re-education techniques; healing and herbalism

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