Daily reflection: vertical movement means evolution of the great unconsciousness.

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Go up or down to evolve your spirit. Sideways movement is meaningless: – status, wealth, knowledge – are finite commodities. They are red herrings to our true purpose in living in flesh.

Humans can evolve physically no further. This is the zenith of our humanness; we are the supreme animal. So, now it’s up to us to recognise and come to know our consciousness as our essence, which is composed of divine love. So go up!

Animals and plants and phenomena are their essence, no questions asked. But we humans have to know it, to revolve it and see all its facets, to accept it entirely so we can live it.


You ar an alchemist! No ‘knowing’ is required. Just be!


By FlourishWrite Consult

Writer living in Japan.
specialisms: mainstream and alternative health and medical science; well-being; meditation & re-education techniques; healing and herbalism

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